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In this tutorial we'll show you how to configure Nicecast so that you'll be able to use it together with Spreaker. Using Nicecast will allow you to create high-quality and professional broadcasts using a variety of tools including DJ software, Voiceover effects etc.

Please, note that you can use an external tools only if you are a Pro user.

Nicecast installation

  1. Download and install your copy of Nicecast. When the installation is done, you will get the Nicecast icon in your Applications folder.
  2. Launch Nicecast and the Main Nicecast window will show up.

Server configuration

  1. Open the Window menu and choose "Show Server" (or use the shortcut Command-2)
  2. The Server window will show up. This window is divided in two parts: the main window and a side pane where the list of configured servers is shown. If you haven't configured any server yet, you will see only the Built-In Server option.

    Click on the '+' button and create a new server. Name it Spreaker.
  3. Now set the following information in the server configuration page:
    Server Type: Icecast2
    Account: leave it empty
    Password: your Spreaker password
    Port: 443
    Mount Point: /user/<user_id> (the user_id is a numeric unique identifier of your account)

Encoder configuration

Now we need to configure the encoder settings.

  1. Click on "Quality" button in the main window.
  2. We currently support only the following configuration:
    Bitrate: 128 Kbit/s
    Sample Rate: 44.100 Khz
    Channels: Stereo

Episode settings

OK! You've now configured Nicecast to work with Spreaker. You will be able to broadcast new episodes now. These episodes will become part of the latest show you broadcasted to.

The last thing you need to do is give a title to your episode.

  1. Click on the "Info" button on Nicecast main window.
  2. Type the episode title in the Name field.
  3. Done! You can push the "Start broadcast" button now and a new episode will be automatically created for you in Spreaker.

More on Nicecast manual

Configuring the source field you can get audio from iTunes, VirtualDJ, Traktor or your favorite program. It is also easy to configure Skype to be used with Nicecast.

For more information about how to set-up nicecast to work with these applications please consult the Nicecast manual.

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